Excellence Survey

Regular, open dialogue is the key to leveraging the diversity of your team, and encouraging change.

Ready to transform your leadership skills?

The Organizational Excellence Survey (OES) helps leaders identify the behavioral dynamics of their team

  • Identify gaps in valued behaviors within your team
  • Translate organisational values into actionable behaviors
  • Go below the surface of aggregated results
  • Expose interpersonal behavioral issues that are lowering engagement
  • See specific behavioral gaps in terms of what is, and should be, according to your team

Using survey data, organization leaders can utilize their findings to improve, sustain, and grow healthy, high-performance cultures.

Multiple surveys based on specific behaviors • customizable and easy to administer • complements and sheds light on existing engagement surveys • allows you to view the gradual behavioral and business climate changes within the company

  “I have been able to successfully employ Temenos’ methods in my daily interactions, which in turn has resulted in organizational success for the Agency.” Vance T., U.S. Social Security Administration


BehaviorTuner is the world’s most powerful tool for measuring and managing EQ.

Ready to transform your leadership skills?

This proven, non-anonymous process allows users to continuously improve performance through heightened self-awareness.

  • A proprietary, non-anonymous, one on one feedback tool
  • helps users zero in on the behaviors most important for developing and sustaining high-growth relationships
  • Reduces the guesswork associated with adapting human behavior
  • Allows for continued development through continued use

Unlike traditional 360 assessment tools, our process improves relationships, and allows for continued self-development.

A coach facilitated tool • a non-anonymous process • users gain heightened awareness of their behaviors • designed to improve relationships • allows for continued self-development

  “I know from experience that Temenos' BehavioralOS works very well for developing individual leaders, and for changing organisational culture.” Jennifer M., Change Consultant, Melbourne, AUS


Ready to transform your leadership skills?

Ready to transform your leadership skills?

Relationship360 is designed for new age leaders and it’s the most effective solution for improving and accelerating relationship development.

  • Accelerated trust building
  • Fostering higher engagement and better performance
  • Strengthened credibility with colleagues
  • Faster and better quality feedback loops
  • Clarity on the specific behaviors that will get the qualified results

3-6 month facilitated learning journey allows leaders to gain a new level of self-awareness, empowering them to foster a culture of trust and regular open dialogue.

This coach-assisted journey leverages a unique method to help you • identify the exact behaviors that will build trust and relationships quickly • implement them, and • strengthen results

  “The R360 dramatically improved my clarity and confidence as a leader. It’s is helping us grow our business better and faster.” Adam K., Executive, Tokyo, JP